Airport E&S 2020 ‘Expansion & Sustainability’

Aviation Events Group announce the first Airport E&S will take place in November 2020. Expansion and sustainability are now at the core of every airport’s operation. Many airports construct and develop to improve or alter facilities and assets, while some have to undertake expansion which can involve adding new taxiways, runways or terminals.


From the maintenance of a simple piece of civil infrastructure to building the best biggest terminals, towers, or even the development of a new super hub airport, design is at the heart of every project but how can these projects be delivered and still meet the many political, economic and sustainable demands?


Airport E&S 2020 ‘Expansion and Sustainability’ is a two day conference in November (date and venue to be announced) that will case study the challenges that are faced and met by airports, airlines, providers, regulators and who, in turn, are supported by investors, designers, constructors and many others. The conference will also focus on the best current sustainable practices and learning initiatives as airports introduce new infrastructure, technology and process improvements to meet the demands of this ever challenging and expanding industry. To find out more, make contact


*Photo credit: Changi Airport Group 

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