Andrew Price joins Airport A&I 2020 line up

Andrew Price is the Global Head of Baggage Operations at the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

He is closely involved in their standard setting activities as well as working with many of their airline members and baggage operations.

“Baggage often leads the way in terms of business change, and the future looks very exciting. Having established baggage tracking as a norm, we are seeing how that can change the business model to improve sustainability, service and the bottom line and I look forward to discussing all this at Airport A&I”

In addition to Andrew’s session, The Baggage Design, Automation & Innovation Working Group, lead by Kim Laursen (Head Innovation, Products and Solutions, Heathrow Airport) and colleagues from the ‘Innovation, Product and Solutions’ team are holding their inaugural meeting at Airport A&I 2020 . This will be a forum where airports can share knowledge and data to improve operations and, because it’s held at Airport A&I, it’s a unique opportunity to consult with airlines, regulators and suppliers who will join specific discussions.

Take part in both Airport A&I 2020 on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September (including gala dinner on the 3rd September) and the Baggage Design, Automation & Innovation Working Group:

Register as a delegate at Airport A&I 2020

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