Heathrow Airport confirmed as host for Airport A&I 2020

Airport A&I 2020 (Airport Automation and Innovation) is to be hosted by Heathrow Airport. The venue is London Heathrow Marriott and the event will take place on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September.

When we think of automation and innovation, we should think of Airports and the future as Smart Airports/Aviation.

We continue to see an emergence in key themes at Airports who are becoming ‘smarter’, not just to gain a competitive advantage, but to become increasingly more effective as an organisation – to commercially fit, be operationally efficient, corporately aware and technologically enabled.

These components are not just being realised in a local environment, but we are now becoming a truly integrated and connected industry.

Airport A&I 2020 will represent this through key themes, including:

  • Smart Airports
  • Data and Analytical intelligence driving planning and solutions
  • Connected passenger
  • Automation and intelligence through the passenger journey
  • Smart Airside Ramp and Baggage
  • Intelligence, automation and innovation driving efficiency airside, on the ramp and baggage
  • Intelligent ATM and Aircraft
  • Driving safety and efficiency through enhanced ATC / ATM and aircraft systems
  • VR
  • Future fleet
  • Automated and green

To find out about attending, sponsoring or exhibiting, visit Airport A&I 2020

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