With every participating airport in partial shutdown and operating well under capacity, it’s not always easy to keep your eyes on the horizon but that’s what happened at yesterday’s ‘The Airport of the Future’ meeting so we extend heartfelt thanks to the whole panel for donating their time.

Honeywell HASOM Dec 2020

On the board-style panel were (pictured L-R, top to bottom)

  • Steve Armitage, Head of Technology, Design & Innovation, HEATHROW
  • Rowland Hayler. Consultant, FIVE AERO
  • Abhi Chacko, Head of Innovation, GATWICK
  • Chris Wild, head of Airside Operations, MANCHESTER AIRPORT + Founder & Chair, AVIATION ACTION
  • Andrea Waechtershaeuser, Director Airport Infrastructure & Regulatory Affairs, IATA
  • Neil Pritchard, Head of Operations Planning, Performance & Transformation, HEATHROW
  • Raghu Seelamonthula (Moderator) Global Director of Growth, Airports & ATM systems, HONEYWELL
  • Chris Miles, Senior VP of Ops and infrastructure, CALGARY
  • Claus Grunow, Head of Innovation, FRAPORT

Whilst airports are overall confident in their ability to operate COVID-19 ready services even at greater capacities, their immediate focus is to innovatively use their existing infrastructure to be more lean and efficient and prepare for what’s happening after the current pandemic.

According to participants, the airport of the future will require a strategic, coordinated approach to the technology systems and processes it implements. Where possible, airports will optimise existing technologies and extend them to incorporate customer self-service and data analytics-driven assets. The goal, to become healthier, safer, more agile and, above all, more sustainable.

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