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Airport Automation & Innovation

Setember 3rd & 4th - Marriott Heathrow - Hosted by London Heathrow

Airport A&I 2020 will be shifted to a series of digital events to eliminate any risks associated with COVID 19.
Following several frank discussions, it is already clear that no airport hotel of would be able to adhere to the guidelines with 200+ delegates. Similarly, we cannot be sure what quarantine restrictions will still be in place at the end of summer which is problematic for both speakers and delegates. 
For more details, please do contact one of the team.

Airport Expansion & Sustainability

November 2020 - Hosted by Dublin Airport

2019 was the busiest year in history for air passenger travel and yet an increase is still anticipated across all continents – especially in developing countries. To meet this demand, airport capacity will increase through new developments, improvements or expansion. Growth however, cannot and will not be completed ‘at any cost’

With this growth comes huge responsibility for the whole aviation industry – airlines, airports, ATSP, ground handlers, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers. To make aviation sustainable, the industry is rapidly turning from a concept of carbon neutral, to carbon zero. Could we go further?

Airport E&S explores the challenges of making aviation sustainable versus the demand for growth across the whole air travel industry.


Airport Winter Ops

March 2021

As the world experiences more extreme weather events, both airports and airlines find it increasingly difficult to predict, resource and execute winter operations plans. The inconsistency in requirements makes it tough for service providers’ and contractors’ service level agreements to deliver at a sustainable cost for all. Ever-evolving procurement strategies make it even harder for manufacturers and suppliers to deliver leading innovations at competitive prices.

Whether through the introduction of new processes or technology, the primary goal is always the same – aviation safety. As regulators continue to work broadly with the industry to ensure the safest standard and processes are maintained for all, air traffic service providers’ are working with airlines and airports to optimise the network schedule and build a broader, more accurate picture to help effective planning.

FOD, Drones & Habitat Management

June 2021

When it comes to identifying threats and hazards, FOD, drones & wildlife all feature highly on the check-list. For every aerodrome (civil or military), aircraft operator and regulator, safety and security is of paramount concern.

As these risks and hazards emerge and evolve, the industry has to adapt & advance its’ responses and pre-empt future hazards. The experiences of other airports help us learn how to apply best practice in terms of procedures, training and technology in order to continually evaluate and contain the threats and hazards of the future. None of us can assume that today’s approach will ever continue to be enough!

FD&HM uses the most compelling case studies to explore the potential impact of these risks and how best to pre-empt the problem.

Airport Automation & Innovation

November 2021

We return to London for a fresh look at the changes in infrastructure, technology and process improvements to meet the demands of this ever challenging and expanding industry. Airport A&I sifts through developments and break-throughs made over the previous eighteen months and helps delegates stay ahead of the curve with the best practice and learning initiatives.

We explore practical applications of new technologies across every aspect of the ‘smart airport’ and present case studies from across the globe covering: airside; the passenger experience; safety and security; ramp and baggage; cargo and logistics.

Airport A&I is there to demystify the latest developments and ensure you are up-to-date with the best practices and learning initiatives.