Event calendar


FOD, Drones & Habitat Management 2021 SERIES

March 10th - 31st

When it comes to identifying threats and hazards, FOD, drones and wildlife all feature highly on the check-list. For every civil and military aerodrome, aircraft operator and regulator, safety and security is of paramount concern.

As the risks and hazards emerge and evolve, the industry has to adapt & advance its responses and pre-empt future hazards. The experiences of other airports help us learn how to apply best practice in terms of procedures, technology and efficiency in order to continually evaluate and contain the threats and hazards of the future.

The FDH&S series uses the most compelling case studies to explore the potential impact of these risks and how to stretch budgets by increasing efficiency

Winter Ops 2021 SERIES

April 28th - May 29th

As the world experiences more extreme weather events, both airports and airlines find it increasingly difficult to predict, resource and execute winter operations plans. The inconsistency in requirements makes it tough for service providers’ and contractors’ service level agreements to deliver at a sustainable cost for all. Ever-evolving procurement strategies make it even harder for manufacturers and suppliers to deliver leading innovations at competitive prices.

Carbon is Key 2021 SERIES

July 07th - 16th

The accelerated pace of climate change has further increased the pressure on aviation to reduce carbon emissions. New fuel technology and aircraft reliability, together with international commitment from our airports can and should make a difference. In addition to this, the sharp decline in passenger numbers has meant airports now have an urgent, financial incentive to operate more efficiently and sustainably.

We focus on the most efficient/sustainable practices and technology from around the world being used today, together with airports and airlines plans for the future. The importance of safety, management and training also remain key to airports green/carbon-neutral strategies, mixed with technology including AI and IT around the airport both airside and landside to improve efficiency.

Airport A&I 2021 SERIES

September 08th - 29th

Technology is transforming the aviation industry like never before, and Airports are at the heart of this transformation – leveraging automation and innovation to enhance the passenger experience and working lives of aviation colleagues, whilst improving operational efficiency.

The Airport A&I series has been carefully crafted to view, discuss and debate developing technologies and emerging trends in innovation, focussing on all aspects of airport operations landside and airside including baggage, passenger experience and safety and security, all of which will shape the future of the industry globally.