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2021 Winter Ops Series reviewed

2021 series video As the world experiences more extreme weather events, both airports and airlines find it increasingly difficult to predict, resource and execute winter operations plans. The inconsistency in requirements makes it tough for service providers’ and contractors’ service level agreements to deliver at a sustainable cost for all.

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This was the finale of the 2021 FDH&S series. Observations and ideas from the last three sessions are explored by the panel as we peer into the future of airside safety and security. MEET THE PANEL John Hamshare, FDH&S 2021 SERIES CHAIR Guy Berry, Director Military Airfield Solutions, MOOG

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Concorde pilot joins FOD Management session at FDH&S 2021

FOD MANAGEMENT | FDH&S 2021 SERIES Thank you to everyone who participated in last Wednesday’s FOD Management session including our series sponsors, Robin Radar and session sponsor MOOG. Enjoy the video: 14.15 Welcome & introductions Chair 14.20  FOD A Disaster StoryJohn Hutchinson, former BA Concorde pilot, takes a detailed look at what

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Aviation Events Group create high quality conferences and events for aviation professionals. Each event is carefully timed to explore the most exciting opportunities, and the most pressing challenges facing the industry. It is not always possible to make time to keep up with the constant advances in technology or changes in regulations and these events ensure you’re up to speed with the latest industry innovations.

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When it comes to getting the most out of specialist events, niche is best and these are highly specialised events created exclusively for the aviation industry. By limiting numbers of sponsors, exhibitors and delegates, everyone present benefits hugely from more meaningful interaction both in and out of the scheduled sessions. Time is created to drill down into each of the topics covered so everyone can leave with a far greater understanding of how new technologies will affect our futures.

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From biometrics to cybersecurity or robotics to automation, aviation technology is evolving at breakneck speed. With so many applications in safety, efficiency, customer service and sustainability, it’s not always clear which ideas are worth adopting and which to sidestep. Used effectively, technology offers significant benefits for us, our customers and our workforce as well as clear economic advantages.