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Airport A&I 2020 – important announcement

As with all the UKs large hotels, the Marriott Heathrow (Airport A&I’s 2020 venue) expect to receive government notifications sometime in July regarding safe hotel guidance and full re-opening dates. Following several frank discussions, it is already clear that no hotel of this size can adhere to the guidelines with

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COVID-19 session at Airport A&I 2020

As commercial aviation faces an unprecedented drop in passenger numbers, the industry’s future is suddenly looking very different. As well as massive challenges, there are many opportunities – for those who are both informed and prepared. Airport A&I ‘Automation & Innovation’ (hosted by Heathrow Airport) is bringing together the industry’s

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Anne Carnall, IATA, joins 2020 Airport A&I speaker line up

“Attitudes to testing and trialling have changed within many airports. With risks to safety and operational continuity managed, the controlled space of the airport is now being seen as an environment where technology can be developed to improve operational performance rather than simply redeploying technology from other sectors.” Anne Carnall

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Aviation Events Group create high quality conferences and events for aviation professionals. Each event is carefully timed to explore the most exciting opportunities, and the most pressing challenges facing the industry. It is not always possible to make time to keep up with the constant advances in technology or changes in regulations and these events ensure you’re up to speed with the latest industry innovations.

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When it comes to getting the most out of specialist events, niche is best and these are highly specialised events created exclusively for the aviation industry. By limiting numbers of sponsors, exhibitors and delegates, everyone present benefits hugely from more meaningful interaction both in and out of the scheduled sessions. Time is created to drill down into each of the topics covered so everyone can leave with a far greater understanding of how new technologies will affect our futures.

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From biometrics to cybersecurity or robotics to automation, aviation technology is evolving at breakneck speed. With so many applications in safety, efficiency, customer service and sustainability, it’s not always clear which ideas are worth adopting and which to sidestep. Used effectively, technology offers significant benefits for us, our customers and our workforce as well as clear economic advantages.