ADB SAFEGATE – Innovation Summit

The ADB SAFEGATE UK & Ireland Innovation Summit 2024 was hosted in London in May at the Marriott London Heathrow Hotel and proved to be an unforgettable event – brimming with innovation and insight. Bringing together airport decision-makers and industry leaders, the summit showcased cutting-edge technologies and solutions designed to revolutionise airside operations.

The summit featured a series of engaging presentations from product managers, coupled with interactive coffee breaks that allowed airport decision-makers to experience ADB’s innovations firsthand. Key products such as CORTEX ALCMS, ALIS Torque, LINC Node, and Safedock were showcased, demonstrating their capabilities in enhancing airport operations. The day followed a structured flow, starting with Tower products, progressing through Apron solutions, and concluding with Airfield innovations. This comprehensive approach highlighted ADB SAFEGATE’s commitment to improving safety and efficiency across all facets of airport operations.

The ADB SAFEGATE UK & Ireland Innovation Summit 2024 was a resounding success, offering a blend of informative presentations, interactive demonstrations, and valuable networking opportunities. As well as showcasing the latest advancements in airside technology, the Summit also fostered meaningful discussions on how these innovations can drive the future of airport operations.


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