ADB SAFEGATE Innovation Summits – Europe & Asia

ADB SAFEGATE’s recent Innovation Summits – Europe and Asia were held in Brussels at the Courtyard by Marriot and Singapore, Marina Bay Sands respectively, and  were attended by more than 160 combined. Designed as an opportunity for manufacturer and customers t0 come together to discuss products, the summits gave way to conversation, discussion and questions covering every aspect of the timeline from concept to implementation, and the support beyond.

ADB SAFEGATE offers an extensive product and service portfolio, where the airfield, gate, tower and terminal are the foundation for fully integrated solutions to support airport development and optimise operational procedures. 

More than 2,500 airports in more than 175 countries use ADB SAFEGATE products, including some of the busiest and largest globally: Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle, Frankfurt, Istanbul, New Delhi and Changi, as well as servicing fast-growing airports across Asia and Africa.

Both Summits featured a number of presentations and demonstrations by ADB employees, experts on their relevant products, and offered an extensive Q&A session with the company’s CMO, Regardt Willer, Business Development Director, Ilya Burkin. Stefan Kunz, Product Manager of Tower Solutions joined the panel in Brussels, while Koh Ming Sue from Changi Airport spoke on the Asian Summit panel. 

In Brussels and Singapore, Regardt Willer presented Airfield 4.0 and lya Burkin presented Intelligent AiPRON. Corey Stutz presented Axon in Brussels while his counterpart Paul Hart delivered the presentation in Singapore, Kaili Delp and Robert Stachow presented Cortex in Brussels, with the topic covered by Regardt in Singapore, and Stefan Kunz presented Tower in Brussels, with his colleague Nenad Sikaleski presenting in Singapore.

In addition to a day of presentations and discussions, the summit in Brussels was opened with a tour of and dinner at The Atomium, an iconic Belgian landmark. The dinner also featured a talk from keynote speaker Henrik Von Scheel, originator of the fourth industrial revolution, who delivered a presentation on Airfield 4.0.

Delivering the keynote speech for the Summit in Marina Bay Sands was SK Khor, who has 25 years experience in Airport System Implementation and Airport 4.0 Digital Transformation Projects for more than ten international airports. SK’s presentation was called Digitalisation at Airports – from Strategy to Execution: Opportunities, Challenges, Risks and Lessons Learnt.

The Summit was brought to a close with a happy hour at the Marina Bay Sands.

In conjunction with the ADB global marketing team, Aviation Events Group was responsible for the management and production of the Summits, as well as providing on-site help, photography and videography.



Watch the post-event video for ISE

Watch the post-event video for ISA

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