Carbon is Key – Speakers Announced

“Aviation must play its part in delivering the UKs net zero 2050 commitment, and so its future must be a sustainable one. There is no one silver bullet and it will be a challenge, so it is important to discuss how it can be achieved.”
– Holly Greig, Deputy Director, Aviation Climate Change, DFT

Join us, virtually, for Carbon is Key 2021 as we confront the serious issues facing our industry in a positive environment where airports, airlines, and regulators can communicate constructively, afternoons of 9-11th November.

Dr Thomas Budd, Lecturer in Airport Planning & Management of Cranfield University will be speaking on the second day of CiK 2021, with his presentation on Project Napkin (New Aviation Propulsion and Innovation Network) at Heathrow Airport. He tells us “Collectively achieving a sustainable future for aviation is an essential determinant of the future viability of the sector. Aviation has an important role to play in decarbonising society and helping avoid an irreversible climate crisis for current and future generations.”

Will Wright, an A320 pilot and an aviation human factors MSc student, has an Aerospace Engineering degree already under his belt. “We will not achieve ambitious goals if we do not get together to discuss what’s possible within the context of the ‘how’. This will be most efficiently achieved through diversity of thoughts and ideas. It is not a case of if we will achieve sustainability, we must achieve sustainability in order to survive.

The facilitation of frank and open discussion is paramount to ensuring the industry works as a collective. Events like these enable those conversations by bringing together industry stakeholders, who will in turn enact key decisions.” You can hear about Will’s involvement in the Honourable Company of Air Pilot’s sustainability agenda during his presentation on the 10th November. 

Valentina Vecchio, was appointed Boeing regional lead for sustainability policy and partnerships in Europe in April 2021. Since September 2018, Valentina has been responsible for representing Boeing interests with European institutions in the areas of environmental and chemical regulations. She will be delivering a presentation titled Horizons on Sustainable Aerospace. She says that conferences like Carbon is Key is important for the purpose of ‘connecting with stakeholders, to learn and share experiences, as we as advancing common goals.’

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  • Derek Provan, CEO, AGS Airports
  • Rafael Schvartzman, Regional Vice President, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Juliana Scavuzzi, Senior Director Sustainability, Environmental Protection & Legal Affairs, ACI World
  • Jonathon Counsell, Group Head Sustainability, International Airlines Group (IAG)
  • Alan Newby, Director Aerospace Technology & Future Programmes, Rolls-Royce
  • P Scott Cary, Ports & Airports Project Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Dr. Thomas Budd, Lecturer of Airport Planning & Management, Cranfield University
  • Gonzalo Velasco, Business Plan & Innovation Director, Ferrovial Airports
  • Holly Greig, Deputy Director Aviation Decarbonisation Division, Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom
  • Kevin Welsh, Executive Director Environment & Energy, Federal Aviation Administration
  • William Wright, A320 Pilot, Chair of Young Air Pilots for The Honourable Company of Air Pilots
  • Valentina Vecchio, Sustainability Policy & Partnership, Europe, Boeing
  • Brett Oakleaf, Partnership Manager,  National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Brian McClean, Director of Communication & Sustainability, AGS Airports
  • Fiona Smith, Group Head of Aerodrome Strategy, AGS Airports


Carbon is Key is hosted by AGS Airports and coincides with the UN climate change conference, COP26, hosted by Glasgow.

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