Complex Airfield Systems Strategy

As complex airfield technologies advance, our challenge is to explore the benefits of integrating the diverse  systems. In some cases, the opportunity may already be here whilst in others, a considered approach is required to identify what additional benefits integration can provide and how best to progress. The CASS (Complex Airfield Systems Strategy) workshop is facilitated by specialist aviation consultants, Alchemmy. Their CASS output presentation is as follows:

The morning began with introductions to faces new and celebratory hugs and handshakes to faces old.
Attendees were introduced to hosts and facilitators, Aviation Events Group and Alchemmy with a big thank
you to those kind enough to sponsor the event.

Those who spoke during this session included Neil Pritchard who discussed why it was that CASS was
formed and some of his own aspirations for it. This was followed by Chris Garton, excited to share his
expertise and wealth of knowledge. Andy Taylor gave a brief insight into some of the work that was currently being performed by NATS, followed by Stefania Tomasini who gave a similar overview on IATA.

Professor Graham Braithwaite provided an insightful glance into DARTeC at Cranfield University which aims
to address certain research challenges facing the aviation industry. These include the integration of drones
into civilian airspace and increasing the efficiency of airports through technological advances. Not to
mention a quick glimpse at the building itself!

Jonathan Sides delivered a thought-provoking presentation into FOD Reduction in the Navy, giving insight
into some of the proposed solutions and the strategy behind how they will be implemented.

The first workshop of the day  consisted of discussions surrounding issues in connection to:
– Airfield Lighting & Control
– Gate Ramp & Turn
– Tower & Air Traffic Management
The groups were asked to vote on which problem statements they felt were most significant. For the top
three, the group unpacked the impact of the problem statements and how that related to core business
objectives. Common themes were around the limitations of legacy ways of working and the impact that has
on the industry’s ability to work efficiently and grow sustainably.

The groups were asked to brainstorm the solutions across the different areas. The solutions were specific to
3 different timeframes:
– Now (12 months)
– Near (Up to 5 years)
– Next (5-15 years)
Both workshops followed the same pattern, with the majority of suggestions provided being allocated to
the ‘Now’ section. The volume of solutions captured is testament to the amount of work that could be done
in this space, however, it also cements the need for CASS to define and drive a coordinated agenda across
the industry.

The day was supported by headline sponor, MOOG, as well as ADB Safegate, ArgosAI, Assaia, Thales and Searidge

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