Event Overview

The CASS Working Group mixes facilitated discussions, open discussions and networking to achieve our stated Mission. In-person CASS sessions occur twice per year.
As requested by the membership, the agenda includes expert presentations introducing the subject of “data models”, to help educate CASS members on Digital industry standard terms and concepts that are relevant to our Aerospace projects.
The London CASS session (4-5th February 2025) is a two-day event to allow more time for facilitated, deeper discussion. These two days will primarily focus on the new projects proposed in the Vancouver session.

The London CASS session is on February 4-5th (2025), hosted at the Compass Centre (London Heathrow Intl Airport HQ). Accommodation is provided at the Hyatt Place hotel (across the road from Compass Centre).

Attendance is strictly by invitation so if you are interested in joining the next workshop, pleaseget in touch.


To find out about attending CASS as an airport, airline or vendor delegate, please complete this form

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