Improving Sustainability Through Better Runway Condition Assessment

Carbon is Key is pleased to announce support from airfield solutions partner, Team Eagle.

Team Eagle in partnership with JCAII, has been working together to innovate a solution that offers airports a precise and accurate aircraft de-icing & anti-icing monitoring solution in order to significantly reduce the quantity of unrecoverable glycols going into airfield environments. The Runway Condition Assessment Camera (RCAM) is a proprietary approach that utilizes spectroscopic optical means to discern snow and ice where and when it occurs.

The first release of the RCAM, available today, measures the percentage of water-based contaminants on the runway. In Beta this winter, the second release includes the added capability of identifying the type and depth on a paved surface and coming soon, the capability to detect de-icing and anti-icing chemicals. Moving from pavement to aircraft wing, the final milestone is to deliver the industry a fully autonomous precision de-icing & anti-icing application solution.

For more information on Team Eagle’s RCAM, visit the Team Eagle website¬† or visit Team Eagle Youtube Channel¬†

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