SWIFT September: Session Previews

On September 1st, SWIFT September launched with the first of nine sessions, the Welcome Session. The thirty-minute introduction to the conference’s new format was hosted by Myron Thiesson, Airfield Pavements and Standards Office from the Department of National Defence, Roy McLeod, Director of Airfield Operations at Calgary Airport, and Steve McKeown of Team Eagle, Headline Sponsor of SWIFT 2021. Amongst other insights from industry professionals, the session heard from the remaining eight session leads of what was to be expected from their upcoming sessions over the next four Wednesdays.

Airfield Incidents – Prepare, Respond, Recover – 08 September 09:10 CDT

Hosted by Neil Pritchard from Heathrow Airport, with Stuart Matheson of IATA/ICAO, Jeff Macmillan Director of Operations at Halifax International Airport, and Jon Lee, Regional Manager for Western Canada at the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada.

Climate Change & Asphalt Pavements – 08 September 11:10 CDT

Hosted by Richard Blommers of Tetra Tech, with Dr. Lukas Arenson, Principal Geotechenical Engineer for BGC Engineering, Dr. Omran Maadani, Associate Research Officer for National Research Council Canada, Mohammad Shafiee, Research Officer at the National Research Council Canada, and David Anderson, Project Manager for Associated Engineering.

Winter Operations – 15 September 09:10 CDT

Hosted by Mike Carlson of the SWIFT Committee, he will be joined by Rich Brannan, Assistant Director of Field Maintenance at Denver International Airport, Luke Yunker, Assistant Manager Field Maintenance at Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport, and Roy McLeod, Director of Airfield Operations, Calgary Airport

Asset Utilisation & Rehabilitation – 15 September 11:10 CDT

Hosted by Sarah Demory of Phoenix Sky Harbour, Sarah will be joined by Lisa Gahm of Dallas International Airport, Gabriel Nevarez, Deputy Aviation Director of Facilities and Services at Phoenix Sky Harbour, and Nicolas Bernard, Infrastructure at Paris Charles de Gaulle.
Innovation & Sustainability in Airfield Concrete Pavements  – 22 September 09:10 CDT

Hosted by Tim Smith from the Cement Association of Canada, he will be joined by Shane Mulligan of Lehigh Hanson, Kevin Davis of Carboncure, Mark B. Snyder of Pavements Engineering and Research, and Benson Nguyen and Jeff Roberts from session sponsor, HATCH.

Data & Digital – Automation & Innovation – 22 September 11:10 CDT

Hosted by SWIFT Committee member Darryl Dowd, joined by Dean Ervin, Director Aerodrome Operations & Compliance at Edmonton Airport, Joshua Kolstee of Halifax Airport, and Jeff Booton, Senior Director of Maintenance at Denver International Airport.

Diversifying Capabilities – Revenue Streams/Cost Savings – 29 September 09:10 CDT

Hosted by Phil Munro, he will be joined by Janik Gagne, Senior Director of Economical Analysis and Statistical Services, Dean Ervin and Roy McLeod, Moe Kaleem, Project Manager, Infrastructure at Calgary Airport, and Alan Sherwood, Airfield Maintenance Manager at Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Creativity & Innovation Through Adversity – 29 September 11:10 CDT

Hosted by Jason McArthur and Heather McCarley, they will be joined by Laura Sturtevant, Project Manager, Infrastructure at Calgary Airport Authority, Brian Grasser, Supervisor of Airfield Operations at Vancouver International Airport, Alan Sherwood, Airfield Maintenance Manager, Donald Desrosiers, Maintenance and Reliability Director Montreal Airports, Gaël Le Bris, Senior Aviation Planner, WSP, and Leon Van Dyke, General Maintenance Supervisor, Electrical Neward Liberty International Airport

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