SWIFT September: Winter Operations Sessions Announced

The Winter Operations session at SWIFT September will be held at 09:10 CDT, 15th September. Three speakers have joined the panel for this discussion: Charlie Beuning, Field Maintenance Manager at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport, Richard Brannan, Assistant Director of Field Maintenance at Denver International Airport, and the SWIFT Committee’s very own Roy McLeod, Airfield Operations at Calgary Airport.

Charlie has twenty-five years of airport operational experience within four different departments.  He was instrumental in the creation of MSP’s runway snow/ice removal playbook.  His passion is coaching the snow/ice removal teams.  Charlie believes you “play like you practice” and execution is critical to our success, which gives us an advantage over mother nature.

In his current role he is responsible for the day to day operations of Field Maintenance, Richard oversees asphalt and concrete projects, perimeter and security fence repair, assisting with special events, erosion and MS4 control, mowing operations, emergency response, PAR 139 compliance and all airside snow removal operations.

Turning his attention to the benefits of SWIFT September, Richard says: “With the pandemic and the world having basically been on hold for the past year, it’s good to get our industry back together and reconnect with one another. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to engage and interact with so many different organisations. I like the chance to share ideas and collaborate with groups in our industry.”

Our final speaker, Roy McLeod has more than 37 years experience in the airport service industry throughout North America, with nine of those years working in Airfield Operations and Winter Operations. Roy says, “The impacts to this industry in 2020 resulted in re-organisations, changed regulation, and a loss of contact for many, which is why it’s more important than ever to reconnect and hear how others have handled this unique time for aviation.”

Day sponsor: Dufferin Construction Company
Session sponsor: Team Eagle Ltd.

If you’d like to join this, or any of the other of SWIFT September’s eight session, please register to attend via the attend page here on our website: https://swiftconference.org/attend/

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