FDH&S 2022 Session Recordings

FDH&S 22 (FOD Drones Habitat & Safety) was held on three Wednesdays throughout March, and the sessions are now available to rewatch.

The experiences of other airports are invaluable to all who seek to apply best practices in terms of procedures, technology, and efficiency in order to continually evaluate and contain the threats and hazards of the future, and FDH&S focussed on identifying these within the airport environment and explored how the industry can adapt and advance its responses to pre-empt future hazards.

 “In an ever-changing world, staying at the forefront of safety and security has never been so important.  Through events such as FDH&S, invaluable knowledge share and best practice recommendations will only enhance how we as a community remain innovative and efficient in how we manage and operate our facilities.
– Rob Fitzjohn, Spatial Data Lead, Heathrow

Aerodrome Safeguarding
Weds 9th March – Chaired by John Hamshare

  • Sacha Rossi, Safeguarding Engineer for NATS, presented ATC Infrastructure Safeguarding
  • Kirsteen MacDonald, Safeguarding Manager for AGS Airports, presented Aerodrome Safeguarding & Wind Farms
  • Sohail Alizadeh,  CFD Discipline Leader for Mott Mac presented Aerodrome Wind Analysis

Works Management
Weds 9th March – Chaired by John Hamshare

  • Gaël Le Bris, Senior Aviation Planner for WSP, presented Planning and Management of Works
  • Bryan Thompson, Executive Director of NEOM Airports & Oliver Scigel, Lead AIM & Data Specialist for NG Aviation presented The Importance of Digital Data Use for Airport Development and Operations

Asset Inspection & Management
Weds 16th March – Chaired by Ian Witter

  • Gabriel Nevarez, Deputy Aviation Director for PHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport) presented Asset management, Phoenix
  • Robert Fitzjohn, Spatial Data Lead for LHR (London Heathrow), presented Digitisation of Asset Inspection and Maintenance Procedures
  • Johan Lindvall,  Safety Manager for Swedavia presented Aeronautical Decision-Making in Context: Influence of Affect and Experience on Procedural Violations

Birds & Habitat Management
Weds 16th March – Chaired by Ian Witter

  • Cathy Boyles, Wildlife Administrator, DFW (Dallas Fort Worth Airport) presented Habitat Management: Wildlife Hazard Prevention from the Ground Up
  • Dan Parsons, Aerodrome Safety & Compliance, presented Expanding Safety Performance Indicators for Wildlife Hazard Management


FOD & Safety on the Ground
Weds 23rd March – Chaired by John Hamshare

  • Jonathan Sides, FOD Chief Engineer for NAVAIR presented US Navy Foreign Object Damage Reduction
  • Liam Bolger, Head of Airside Operations for LTN (London Luton Airport) presented Safety on the ground & FOD Reporting
  • Jarin Horton, Assistant Vice President of Operations for DFW presented DFW Safety On The Ground
  • Yunus Sonmez, Sales & Business Development Leader spoke on behalf of ArgosAI

Birds, Drones & Safety in the Air
Weds 23rd March – Chaired by John Hamshare

  • Gary Searing, Executive Director of Bird Strike Association of Canada presented Monitoring, Measuring and Managing the Risks of Wildlife Strikes in the Airport Environment
  • Sanne Patijn, Director of Operations for Robin Radar Systems presented Drones & Avian
  • Ben Harrison, Head of Aerodrome Operations for LCY (London City Airport) presented Drones at LCY

Massive thanks to all the delegates for attending, to all our speakers for their time, and to the 2022 sponsors for making the series possible.







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