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2020 speakers

Nina Brooks

Director, Security, Facilitation & IT, Airports Council International (ACI)

“Airports are complex ecosystems, with multiple stakeholders performing time-critical functions that all have to work together perfectly. They are therefore ripe for innovation and offer a myriad of opportunities for testing and implementing leading edge technologies and innovative processes.
“From customer experience in the terminal to efficiency on the apron, security, accessibility, safety and sustainability, it is genuinely exciting to see how opportunities for innovation can take airports and aviation to the next level over the coming years.”  

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Joseph Suidan

Head Ground Operations, APCS-Ground Operations, IATA

“Innovation and automation at airports are the break-through technology that has to be seen to be believed. Our main focus now is to see how ground operations will tap into this parallel reality by contributing meaningfully to improving the aircraft turnaround.  Safety, efficiency and monitoring on-time performance – all vital to smooth functioning ground operations – are all made possible through the multitude of innovative ideas and technological advances.  I am proud to be part of this change as IATA Ground Operations launches its CEDAR (Connected, Ecological, Digital, Autonomous Ramp) initiative and help guide the industry.”

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Claus Grunow

Claus Grunow

Digitalization, Information & Transformation (DIT) SVP Strategy & Coordination, Fraport

 ‘Even though flying is still a fascination for many of us, we don’t want to do it unless the ‘airport experience’ is as smooth and convenient as elsewhere in life.

“Thanks to digitalisation, efficient processes, personalised offers and tailored services are now a basic expectation. Airports everywhere need to stay on top of their game as they are in global competition, both with each other and, even more, with other modes of transport.’

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Simon Wilcox

Simon Wilcox

Head of Transformation, Automation and Innovation Heathrow Airport

Simon is an airport operator with over 15 years industry experience and an MSc in Air Transport Management. His team at Heathrow focus on developing a personal, simple and reliable end to end passenger journey.

Simon’s career began at a flight training centre where he lead the flight operations department and oversaw the running of the aerodrome whilst studying for his commercial pilots’ licence. He later moved to BAA, at both Southampton and Heathrow airports, where he took on senior roles in Airside ops, Terminal Management, Security, Operational Readiness and, ultimately, ran the day to day operation at Heathrow.

Darryl Dowd

Darryl Dowd

Vice President, Airport Operations
Winnipeg Airport

‘It isn’t often quantified but the ancillary benefits of being an organization pushing technology and innovation can yield unexpected dividends that improve service, reduce cost or improve efficiency.

“The value isn’t in the automation or innovation, it’s in the mind-set of always looking over the horizon so that you’re part of the disruption and not merely subject to it. Also, many of our key partnerships were formed with local companies. Pursuing innovation can be a mechanism to help better connect an airport to the community it serves.’

In July 2019, Darryl was included in the WINGS ‘Top 20 Under 40’ list of people the future of Canadian aviation.

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Anne Carnall - square

Anne Carnall

Program Manager, NEXTT Airport, Infrastructure and Fuel IATA

“Attitudes to testing and trialing have changed within many airports. With risks to safety and operational continuity managed, the controlled space of the airport is now being seen as an environment where technology can be developed to improve operational performance rather than simply redeploying technology from other sectors. “

Anne uses her engineering and airport planning background to promote collaboration, innovation and development of IATA and ACI’s integrated industry vision. She previously designed and implemented baggage and passenger solutions at a number of airports including Hong Kong and Heathrow.

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Neil Pritchard

Head of Operations Planning, Performance & Transformation, Heathrow Airport

With 14 years’ experience at the world’s busiest international airport, Neil is a great addition to the 2020 Airport A&I speaker line up. As Head of Operations, Planning, Performance and Transformation, he drives airside transformation projects that deliver infrastructure and technology enhancements within airfield and ATM. 

Prior to this role, he was Head of Airside at Heathrow with accountability across airfield operations, winter operations, airfield assets and maintenance & facilities. He also held the roles of Airport Operations Manager and Terminal Service & Security Manager.


Myron Keehn

Vice President, Air Service & Commercial Development Edmonton Airports

“Airports which adopt an innovative passenger centric design will be able to provide personalized and targeted offerings to passengers on a mass scale, driving a unique experience and significant non aeronautical revenues. Automation provides an opportunity to further increase the efficiency of airports and airlines, which in turn leads to an improved passenger experience at a reduced cost to the operator.”

Myron leads the airports’ development plan for air service routes and commercial revenues. This includes; air service, e-commerce, cargo, distribution logistics, value added manufacturing, warranty fulfillment, concessions, advertising, parking, ground transportation, and real estate development. Myron also leads Edmonton Airports’ efforts in the Asia Pacific region including China, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

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Sarah Kelly

Automation Manager – Below-the-Wing. Digital Business Transformation
Hathrow Airport

‘There has been a huge focus on digitising the customer journey but while innovations in booking, airport and on-board experiences have changed the way airlines interact with passengers, airport baggage, ramp and logistics operations have remained largely unchanged for years.

“Technology breakthroughs such as drones, robotics, autonomous vehicles and AI are now shaping how people and technology interact in society and industry. Technologies like these now have the potential to revolutionise the below the wing airport environment, transforming airport operations.”

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Nick Batchelor_IT Director_SMALL

Nick Batchelor

IT Director Gatwick Airport

Nick has worked in IT for over 25 years with experience of numerous diverse and complex Enterprise environments. 

In his current role at Gatwick Airport, he heads up a department that successfully delivers highly available and secure IT services, and technology projects that form part of Gatwick’s Capital Investment Programme.  All the while supporting the key operational and business functions of an international airport, around the clock.

Andrew Price

Andrew Price

Head, Global Baggage Operations,

“Baggage often leads the way in terms of business change, and the future looks very exciting. Having established baggage tracking as a norm, we are seeing how that can change the business model to improve sustainability, service and the bottom line and I look forward to discussing all this at Airport A&I”

Andrew Price runs the baggage department at the International Air Transport Association. He is closely involved in the standard setting activities of IATA, as well as working with many of IATA’s airline members and their baggage operations. 

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The full Airport A&I speaker line up will be announced in April


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