Future of Airports HASOM

With every participating airport in partial shutdown and operating well under capacity, it’s not always easy to keep your eyes on the horizon but that’s what happened at yesterday’s ‘The Airport of the Future’ meeting so we extend heartfelt thanks to the whole panel for donating their time. On the board-style panel were (pictured L-R, […]

2021 Aviation Events Unveiled

As airports across the globe brace themselves for the steep climb to recovery, it is more important than ever for the industry to pool resources. Whilst very few airports will be sending executives around the globe to international conferences during 2021, they also understand the urgent need to increase efficiency and to adapt to the […]

Airport A&I 2020 – important announcement

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

As with all the UKs large hotels, the Marriott Heathrow (Airport A&I’s 2020 venue) expect to receive government notifications sometime in July regarding safe hotel guidance and full re-opening dates. Following several frank discussions, it is already clear that no hotel of this size can adhere to the guidelines with 200+ delegates. Similarly, we cannot […]

COVID-19 session at Airport A&I 2020

As commercial aviation faces an unprecedented drop in passenger numbers, the industry’s future is suddenly looking very different. As well as massive challenges, there are many opportunities – for those who are both informed and prepared. Airport A&I ‘Automation & Innovation’ (hosted by Heathrow Airport) is bringing together the industry’s best minds to explore the […]

Anne Carnall, IATA, joins 2020 Airport A&I speaker line up

“Attitudes to testing and trialling have changed within many airports. With risks to safety and operational continuity managed, the controlled space of the airport is now being seen as an environment where technology can be developed to improve operational performance rather than simply redeploying technology from other sectors.” Anne Carnall Program Manager, NEXTT, Airport, Infrastructure and […]

Gareth Lawton, Gatwick’s Innovation Folio Manager, joins Airport A&I 2020

“The last decade has seen highly performant airports like Gatwick introduce innovations that have boosted safety, efficiency and passenger experience. Technologies like computer vision and applications of AI are now widespread across the industry and this is only likely to accelerate.  Whilst this is a very positive story, it is clear to me that fragmentation […]

Myron Keehn, Edmonton Airports, joins Airport A&I 2020 speakers

“Airports which adopt an innovative passenger centric design will be able to provide personalized and targeted offerings to passengers on a mass scale… driving a unique experience and significant non aeronautical revenues. Automation provides an opportunity to further increase the efficiency of airports and airlines, which in turn leads to an improved passenger experience at […]

Nina Brooks, ACI, joins Airport A&I 2020 speakers

“Airports are complex ecosystems,  with multiple stakeholders performing time-critical functions that all have to work together perfectly. They are therefore ripe for innovation and offer a myriad of opportunities for testing and implementing leading edge technologies and innovative processes. “From customer experience in the terminal to efficiency on the apron, security, accessibility, safety and sustainability, […]

IAG’s Below the Wing Automation Manager joins Airport A&I 2020 speakers

‘There has been a huge focus on digitising the customer journey but while innovations in booking, airport and on-board experiences have changed the way airlines interact with passengers, airport baggage, ramp and logistics operations have remained largely unchanged for years. Technology breakthroughs such as drones, robotics, autonomous vehicles and AI are now shaping how people […]

Head of Ground Operations at IATA joins 2020 Airport A&I speakers

“Innovation and automation at airports are the break-through technology that has to be seen to be believed. Our main focus now is to see how ground operations will tap into this parallel reality by contributing meaningfully to improving the aircraft turnaround.  Safety, efficiency and monitoring on-time performance – all vital to smooth functioning ground operations […]